SNJ originated as an apparel production company in 2009 with in house manufacturing facility. We have worked with the same network of high capacity factories (both domestic and overseas) for over 35 years.

  Running as a manufacturer for the fashion industry, face mask was definitely one of the accessories we always had hands-on. As COVID-19 reached the States we have been partnering up with clinics & hospitals to produce medical garments, masks, and gloves. 
  With the study of our mask patterns from the fashion brands and now working with many different health care providers, SNJ had the chance to study in-depth to produce a never seen mask pattern for easy breathing and comfort. 
  Trials after trials our masks have been constructed with a close study of facial structure and with the assistance of our local health care providers, we also found our ways to include a proper filter to reduce the intake of airborne particles. 
  Every material has been sourced from the United States and constructed with our most high tech sewing team from start to finish.